Academic Software Portfolio - Achieve your Goals

The Academic Team at SIMULIA is dedicated to helping you achieve your research and educational goals by providing you with our entire collection of Realistic Simulation tools and community-based resources.

From undergraduate coursework to Ph.D. thesis, the SIMULIA Academic Portfolio has what you need. We’ve taken our entire collection of commercial products and packaged them into simple, affordable offerings for academic customers.

  • SIMULIA Academic Research Suite – Commercial-level functionality for advanced research; priced for academic budgets.
  • SIMULIA Academic Teaching Suite – Feature-rich educational licenses for classrooms and computer labs. Model sizes limited.

Both Suites provide access to our full software portfolio including Abaqus, Isight, Tosca, and fe-safe with a single license. Already using CATIA or Solidworks for your Computer Aided Design? We include Associative Translators for each!

Only interested in one product? Our licensing model enables you to purchase exactly what you need now, and explore the additional products on your own schedule. Simply increase the size of your license when you’re ready to incorporate these products into your curriculum, workshops, or research.

Simuserv offers academic editions specifically designed to fill the broad spectrum of requirements demanded by today’s engineering educators. These editions have been developed to provide students with increasing challenges as their education progresses, providing them with highly marketable skills when they graduate.



Products Abaqus
Research Edition
Abaqus Expanded Teaching Edition Abaqus Teaching Edition Abaqus Student Edition
Abaqus/CAE Included Included Included Included
Abaqus/Standard Included Included Included Included
Abaqus/Explicit Included Included Included Included
Maximum Problem Size Unlimited 100,000 nodes 20,000 nodes 1,000 nodes
Access to User Subroutines Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
License Type Academic Software License Academic Software License Academic Software License Personal Use
License Period Annual Lease Annual Lease Annual Lease Perpetual
Technical Support Academic Level Academic Level Academic Level Not Available