With development in multiple sectors related to technology, the Aerospace & Defense industry also continues to expand in spite of the rise in the raw material and fuel prices. This industry has implemented multiple strategies to stay competitive in the market. All the associated parties like suppliers, designers and researchers are working smartly to enhance the overall quality and decrease the prices.

During designing and development process of flight vehicles in Aerospace industry, various factors like strength, consistency, weight, safety and effectiveness etc are taken into consideration. As these vehicles sustain various atmospheric changes like temperature and pressure along with changes in structural load, it is essential to make sure that there is no technical error while developmental process. Also, the vehicles comprise of various subsets of machines that work together in integrated form which makes the work of designers more crucial in terms of efficiency and safety.

To ensure efficient designing of flight vehicles, realistic simulation always proves be a vital tool of the process. Various vendors and producers related to Aerospace & Defense industry utilize the SIMULIA Abaqus solutions provided by Simuserv to ensure proper analysis of the designs. These solutions are also applied for testing multiple design alternatives and to have a better control on the overall design process.



Components like flight control surfaces, wings and fuselage etc which constitutes the aerostructures also require simulation for their effective design. Some of the processes that can be studies using simulation include stress corrosion examination, composite simulation and vibro-acoustic modeling.
Several electronic units of aircraft like autopilots, audio management systems, display units and navigation systems etc comprises of avionics. To test the environmental and operational loading of these systems, several simulations are required. SIMULIA systems can be utilized for various types of examinations during avionics design and development like fatigue test, thermal analysis and stress analysis and several others.
The FEA solution from SIMUSERV ensures that plasticity, failure and other mechanical phenomenon associated with ballistics and blast can be solved effectively. Our tools including Simulia and CAD integrated FEA can help the engineers in creating complicated geometries and importing them using the interfaces provided by us.
By utilizing the suitable simulation system like Simulia Abaqus makes sure that composite materials can be effectively utilized for the aerospace industries. These simulation solutions help in decreasing the overall time and cost incurred by physical testing of these materials. The FEA solution from the company ensures that the dynamic and static load case simulation can be performed.