Use simulation for decreasing the price and duration incurred while producing, filling and shipping of new packages.

Designers can use virtual testing available in the simulation suites to predict the behavior of packaged goods in the different phases of their production lifecycle. It helps companies to decrease their overall time and control the energy and time which is otherwise wasted.

Simulation solutions provided by SIMUSERV can be utilized for every phase related to lifecycle of consumer packaged goods manufacturing. These multiple phases include:

  • Casing: Estimates final shape of package in shrink wrap which decrease damages during shipping process. Also, helps in analyzing the damages caused during handling of the package.
  • Filling: Estimates the behavior of package post the filling of product. Also, calculates the filled volume.
  • Labeling: analyzes how the new bottle design will impact the label placed on it.
  • Capping: predicts how much torque will be needed for closing and opening of cap without affecting the integrity of the seal.
  • Conveying: ensures that the cost of damages is decreased to substantial by making sure that bottles do not tip over or stuck during assembly process.
  • Blow molding: optimal parison thickness can achieved through proper optimization of shape.
  • Palleting: estimates the behavior of bottle from top-load in the pallet which helps in decreasing the breakage of bottles.