Automobiles are extremely complex machines which are made by assembly of multiple sub-systems that act in union for best results. The automobile producers face challenges like tough competition in market, safety of the users and short cycles of development to name a few. Taking environmental concerns is another major consideration while designing the automobiles. So, to sustain in the automobile market, it becomes vital to have high-end systems that help in each step of car designing process.

FEA integrated SIMULIA is an effective simulation system from SIMUSERV which ensures that all the important decisions related automotive engineering are made after thorough analysis. The engineers can analyze transient dynamic, linear and non linear load cases for different parts like chassis, tires, interiors and brake systems.

Level of detailing that automobile engineers and designers achieve from simulation system is unmatched. This ultimately reduces the delay in automobile projects and time of redesigning.



It is imperative to make sure that the body of automobile provides comfort to the users by reduction in vibration and sound along with protection of users in the case of an accident. For analyzing the datum, weld points and other manufacturing features, the simulation systems can be effectively implemented.

Simulation systems from SIMUSERV are perfect solution for designing and analysis of body in white. Using single analysis product, examination of factors like safety, crash, strength and toughness can be measured for body in white. The solution is capable of mechanics related to metal materials for studying failure and plasticity.

The brake system is one of the most crucial systems from safety point of view. The brake systems should be free of noises like groan and squeal and must be durable and lightweight. Other features of a braking system include continuous power dissipation, smoothness, drag, pedal feel and peak force. All these factors are vital while designing an effective brake system.

Using FEA integrated SIMULIA software from SIMUSERV, engineers can optimize the design of the brakes. Material modeling, loading feature and updated contact abilities are some of the vital characteristics of simulation software which ensures efficient brake design.

While designing modern chassis, the engineers face different challenges like component reuse, safety and packaging. Some types of chassis which are popular in multiple automobiles include backbone tube, X-frame, unibody, ladder frame, perimeter frame and platform frame etc.

In order to decrease the cost and enhance the effectiveness, up-front design validation is necessary for chassis. Examination of peak loads, fatigue and vibration are essential while analyzing the chassis of an automobile.

Simulation system from SIMUSERV can provide robust analysis toolset for studying multiple aspects of chassis design. Toughness and strength of chassis can be studied in detail through simulation systems along with transient dynamic load cases.

Concerns related to safety of users and crashworthiness is growing among automobile manufacturers and dealers due to rising awareness among consumers and strict regulations from the government. It is imperative that car producers must not compromise with crashworthiness while creating a cost effective design. The use of computer simulation becomes inevitable for analyzing crashworthiness of different types of vehicles.

SIMULIA which has integrated FEA for realistic simulation ensures proper assessment of crashworthiness by predicting the chances of injury on the users in the events of accident. The simulation system has models related to rivets, spotwelds and other components for analyzing the damage and failure in the event of crash.

Advancements in automobile technology in present era have enhanced usage of electronics in automobiles. These electronic systems have around 50000 solder joints and around 2000 crimp joints. Failure in these connections may result in compromising of the quality and safety related to automobile design.

To ensure proper functioning of these components, engineers and car manufacturers must implement SIMULIA software suite from SIMUSERV. The system has a wide library of material models like silicon, solder and ceramics. Also, in-depth analysis of solder joints and welds can be done efficiently.

Vehicular design of multiple transport systems like trains, buses, motorbikes and cycles can be optimized and analyzed through realistic solutions provided by SIMUSERV. The system comprises of nonlinear and linear solvers for analyzing different types of load.

Along with the safety and toughness factor of automobiles, trendy and luxurious interiors are integral part of automobile design. Different types of material utilized in interior designing of cars like vinyl, leather, foam and numerous others require proper analysis and simulation strategies.

Simulation suite from SIMUSERV provides effective analysis ability for automobile doors, headliners, seat welt and seat covers etc. The system has nonlinear and linear modeling for myriad of materials used in the interiors of automobile.

A proper mechanism system in automobile releases set of output movement and forces when an input force is applied on it. These are integral part of a automobile which makes the vehicle easy-to-use, effective and safe. Some of the major automobile mechanisms include gears, steering, door locks, adjustable seats and wiper of windshield.

The simulation system from our company helps engineers to study and predicts the behavior of these mechanism systems. The high-end mechanism system like convertible rooftop can be analyzed through our systems.

Analysis of powertrain (or automobile powerplant) is extremely dangerous process for engineers due to multiple risks involved in it. Also, it is imperative to make sure that powertrains have regulated emission system and cost-effectiveness which must be balanced with performance and efficient driving experience. So, having effective tools for proper powertrain design is an unavoidable portion of automobile design.

The simulation system from SIMUSERV acts as a savior for all simulation needs related to powertrain. The engineers can effectively study and predict the behavior of powertrain with different loads like mechanical, thermal and acoustics. The life of the powertrain along with operating quality can be easily predicted through these systems.

Being the protector of wheel’s rim, the simulation to ensure effectiveness of tires becomes one of the most important tasks in automobile design. The tires must be analyzed for factors which include comfort, handing, rolling resistance and wear etc.

Simulation system from our company provides solution for predicting the behavior of tires in normal and rough conditions. The engineers can study material modeling on the system for efficient results.