SIMULIA enables collaboration on performing virtual tests and meeting performance requirements. Its portfolio, which leverages proven Abaqus technology provides powerful tools that enable fast, accurate performance studies on parts, assemblies, components and products designed with V6. It also enables organizations to capture their simulation knowledge, deploy approved methods, manage applications and share simulation results to enable collaboration and accurate performance-based decisions.


Benefits of SIMULIA V6

  • Realistic Simulation is a strategic capability in the DS V6 product portfolio
  • Realistic simulation becomes a natural part of the design experience through the DesignSight products with minimal simulation knowledge required
  • Fosters creativity by enabling multiple design alternatives to be evaluated up-front in the design process
  • Enables the capture and reuse of realistic simulation IP which improves confidence in accuracy, reliability and repeatability of simulation results
  • V6 Simulation allows designers and engineers to collaborate on making performance-based decisions
  • Leverages the V6 platform to collaborate while managing and securing Simulation IP
  • Interlinks simulation with design and manufacturing